Our history

Founding Chairman of the Le Duff Group (Brioche Dorée, Del Arte, Fournil de Pierre, La Madeleine, Ferme des Loges). Bridor set up in Quebec and then North America, supplying the North American market with suitable products and preparations. In 1988, Bridor de France was established near Rennes in Brittany. From its beginnings as a Research Centre focusing on bakery manufacturing (CERFAB), Bridor de France gradually shifted to the production of frozen pastries to meet increasing demand from the high-end market. Bridor de France has a unique production plant, in keeping with the core concept laid down by Louis le Duff right at the outset: “artisanal products combined with industrial management”.

Located in Servon-sur-Vilaine in Ille-et-Vilaine, Bridor de France produces a full range of Enjoyable Bakery products embodying French lifestyle and entertaining arts: elegance, refinement, flavours, pleasures, conviviality, and sharing. The complete Plaisir range of delightful bakery and pastry products from Bridor de France perfectly embodies the French art of living and entertaining steeped in elegance, refinement, taste, pleasure, cheer and sharing.


Bread is at the heart of life, all over the world.
It’s part of our cultural heritage, and every country has its own lively and unique bakery culture that gets passed down from generation to generation. Between tradition and modern techniques, both locally and globally, recipes intersect and get reinvented to align with what consumers want.

Supporting and sharing bakery cultures worldwide.
From French baguettes to tasty Nordic loaves, from butter croissants to red bean filled Japanese croissants, from Indian chapati to Brazilian pão de queijo, we are inspired to create exceptional products through the extraordinary expertise of bakers and chefs from around the globe. Our breads and pastries are delicious and authentic, healthy and natural, always staying true to their origins.

From the very beginning, Bridor has been driven by a passion for bakery :
Imagining and producing new recipes by showcasing a diversity of flavours,
Ensuring excellence in our ingredients and supply chains,
Combining large scale manufacturing strength with the virtuosity of bakery expertise,
Defending it all with uncompromising quality and taste,
Putting women and men at the heart of our efforts to create a more responsible approach…

That’s Bridor’s mission.
Together, let’s share bakery’s best talents and cultures, bringing the finest products to every table in more than 100 countries all around the world.

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